Here are some frequently asked questions we have been asked from time to time, they may just be some of the answers to your own questions.

I think the most frequently asked question of all is, how does the quotation service work, I think this one is important for the simple reason that none of us likes to feel pressured into buying something we either just don't want or maybe can't quite afford at this present time, for this reason we have started with this particular question:

Q: What happens if I ask you for a Quote?

A: The first point of contact is either via email or telephone, in either case, we can get some idea of what you require and even give you some rough idea of costs involved, however if you require a more accurate idea of the price, we will always offer to come to your home and measure up/survey the area in question, totaly free of charge, we then have a quick chat to find out exacly what you want and how you intend to use the loft, this generaly dosen't take any longer than 30 minutes, at this point we leave your home and bring the information back with us, we then quantify the materials involved along with the time involved to complete the project and then put together a written and itemised quotation, the quotation is then attached to an email and sent to your mailbox, if you dont have an email account we will send it via royal mail, you then decide in your own time wether you wish to go ahead or not, we will not pester you with telephone calls or spam your email mailbox, if you wish to go ahead then you can contact us at anytime via email, post or telephone.