All Abru loft ladders are safety tested to British safety standards.

The number on the left relates to the Abru 36000 aluminium two section loft ladder.

The safe working load weight for this ladder is 150 kg which is approximately 23 stones.

This ladder would be classed as being for domestic use only.

Our review of this Ladder:

This is Abru's entry level Loft Ladder, it is the Abru 36000 and for the price, it can only be described as a great value for money ladder.

It has a British kitemark and safety number EN 14975, it is sturdy and yet light in weight which makes it a very easy to use ladder.

Due to the great design it can be fitted into fairly small existing loft openings so in most cases there is no need to modify or enlarge the opening which saves on time, inconvenience and mess.

It has a safe working load bearing capacity of 150kg or approximately 23 stone.

It is quite easy to fit this ladder and all the parts needed are in the bag, the only tool required would be a cordless drill/driver, however it is worth noting that the existing loft door way is probably going to be a push up type which will not work for loft ladders, the door needs to be able to drop down, you can either modify the existing door or make a new one from scratch but either way its probably going to the most difficult and time consuming part of the whole job, one of the reasons being that existing loft openings never seem to be exactly square, especially on older properties so the new door will requires some shaping in with a power planer.

The picture on the right and below show the "D" rungs

As can be seen the rungs are not only strong but also have a ribbed non slip surface.

You can also see the substantial construction quality that makes these loft ladders so rigid and yet quite light in general use

Click on the video below to veiw the Abru 36000 in location in a loft hatch and being lowered and stowed away.

The picture on the right shows the safety catch that clicks into place automaticly when it lines up with its appropriate location hole

The Abru aluminium loft ladders have a safety catch on both sides of the ladder for added safety and security

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