T.V Wall mounting

L.C.D Television and Plasma screen Television, wall mounting and cable management service carried out by qualified and experienced installers From Powteck electrics, Liverpool.
We can mount your plasma and lcd televisions onto the walls of any of your rooms, Lounge or living room, Kitchen, Bedrooms, in fact you can now even purchase a specialy produced lcd television that can be fitted into bathrooms and wet rooms.

It dosen't even matter what type of wall either, for example as you can see in the picture on the left, we have fitted this plasma 42" TV to a brick built chimney breast but we could just as easily fit it to a plaster board or stud wall by using specialist hollow wall fixings.

You may also notice that there are no cables of any kind on show, we are specialists in cable management solutions and can always come up with different options to hide or even disguise cables (depending on the location, type of wall and types of wall coverings for example, wall paper, artex or just a painted surface).

There are even different types of wall hanging brackets available to buy these days, for example, the picture above shows a flat to the wall fixing bracket, but there are also tilting and adjustable brackets on the market, the standard fixed location brackets just like the one above start at around £40 and can even be purchased in most super markets these days.