galvanised steel water tank removal liverpool

Old galvanised steel tanks are extremely heavy and can take up valuable space in the loft, they are usually to large to be removed through the existing loft entrance hatch as they were in most cases put there when the house was first built and no ceilings were in place.
They were made of galvanised steel and were used for gravity fed water plumbing header tanks to provide water pressure to the hot water system to the kitchen and bathroom, galvanised steel was used as the material to make these tanks as plastic wasn't invented at that time, which is obviously more light weight and corrosion free.
We have a method of cutting up these old heavy tanks into four pieces, using a cold cut process that can easily be removed via the existing loft opening.
If you require an old galvanised steel water tank in Liverpool to be removed, we can help.

A typical example of an old galvanised steel water tank in a loft

We can cut it up into four pieces and remove it quickly, cleanly and safely.