For occasional use, we supply two and three section aluminium ladders that are both lightweight and easy to use.

They are the perfect solution for people who would just like to utilise their loft space for extra storage and may only want to go up into the loft occasionaly.

These Loft ladders provide the perfect loft access solution for most people as they are extremely cost effective, for instance a two section aluminium ladder starts at
£149 fully fitted and including vat.
Package deals available for
Ladder, Light and floorboards

 Technical specifications for our space maker aluminium ladders are
(2section) as follows

for 3 section specifications
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  • Wheight limit 125 kg
  • max floor to ceiling height 2.7m
  • min opening width 0.38m
  • min opening length 0.5m
  • min clearance arc 0.71m
  • min storage length 1.2m
  • anti slip d rungs
  • rubber feet
  • comes with acces pole
  • easy to use
  • light weight

 For people who would like to access their loft space on a more regular basis, for instance the loft space may have been converted into an attic room or an extra bedroom for guests.

In this instance, we would recommend a more substantial ladder, our Timber ladders are an ideal solution, they are quieter in operation and deployment and are warmer to the touch and also carry a heavier payload.

They are more expensive than the aluminium alternative but will take far greater traffic with ease and are much more comfortable to use.
This loft ladder starts from £449 fitted into enlarged opening

 Technical specification for our Timber loft ladder as follows
  • Weight limit 150kg
  • max floor to ceiling height 2.8m
  • min opening width 0.45m
  • min opening length 0.56m
  • min clearance arc 1.1m
  • max ladder width 0.4m
  • 12 treads
  • natural wood feel
  • quiet operation
  • sturdy
  • spring assisted closing
  • draught proof hatch
  • eco friendly

Timber ladders in Liverpool
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 If you require, Loft lighting in Liverpool, we have our own fully qualified and certified electrician who can add loft lighting and extra power points and sockets into your loft space.

We usually instal 1mtr long flourescent light fittings as they are bright but use very little electricity in operation, so wether you just require one light fitting to light up your storage area, or a number of light fittings to make it ultra bright, we can help.


Fluorescent light fitting supplied and fitted with a switch placed close to the loft hatch entrance
£79 including vat
Another way to bring light into your loft or attic space, is to fit a Velux roof window, they offer natural day light into any dark loft space.

If you require Loft floor boarding in Liverpool, we can provide you with the best and most cost effective service on the market.

We fit 18mm thick tounge and groove eco friendly floorboards, that are sturdy enough for all types of loft usage and storage.

With floorboards fitted to your loft floor, you can walk about up there perfectly safely and securely, without worrying about putting your foot through the ceiling below.

On average, the cost of boarding is £20 per square meter, however if purchased along with a ladder as a package deal, we can reduce this cost
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 Loft floorboarding
Lofts & Ladders Liverpool

the main benefits of having your loft floor boarded out are

  • you can safely walk around your loft area without the fear of putting a foot through the cieling below
  • they spread the weight across the floor joists below by increasing the surface to weight ratio
  • by laying boards over loft insulation they provide an extra layer of wood that traps in the rising heat from the rooms below.
  • cost effective way of obtaining the full use of your loft space and will provide a decade or more of usage
 We have just added a new product to our range, Power save roof lining barrier, It is a flexible material with a reflective surface and is designed to reflect heat back into the home.
The products main benefit is that it will dramaticly cut down on heat loss through the roof, when you take into consideration that The average semi-detached house can lose around 25% of its heating through an uninsulated roof, then any product that is going to reduce this by half or more, can only be considered an improvement, to say the least, and is, in the short to long term, going to prove to actualy be an investment, as it will eventually pay for itself in the form of energy savings.



* Heat and light reflective
* less bulky
* light in weight
* flexible material
* will reduce fuel costs
* low installation cost

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