Electrical contractor Liverpool for Loft lighting and attic power points, supplied and fitted, all work is carried out by qualified and certified profesional contractors

Flourescent light fitting, fixed to loft roof beam supplied and fitted and inclusive of vat and wired to its own switch £59
 Each additional light on the
same circuit £30.
We can also supply and fit all types of electrical installations throughout your home.
Our electrician is " Part P " and 17th edition, city and guilds qualified and can advise on all types of electrical instalations within your home.

We recommend flourescent lighting for your loft as it tends to  be a much brighter and a more energy efficient form of lighting.
We can also supply and fit power points within the loft area, this is usualy required if for instance the loft is to be used as a room and maybe a television or music centre would be in use.

A four foot flourescent light fitting supplied and fitted would cost £59 including vat

Carry ring main up to loft space in order to add electrical sockets from £125 including vat

Each individual socket added for £25 including vat

Complete ring main circuits can be added to the loft area to give you an unlimited amount of sockets and power outlets, in cases were the loft is planning to be used as a extra room.