Loft lighting can be added to your loft space for a relatively small cost

We recommend using 1200mm or 4 foot flourescent light fittings but can also use standard pendant or baton holder light fittings with standard energy saving bulbs.

All of our electrical installations are carried out by fully qualified electricians and as such conform to the latest 17th edition regulations.


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 We can also add electrical sockets to your loft space but it is worth noting that:

As the only electrical circuits in most lofts are lighting circuits using 1.5mm cable, these circuits are not suitable to be used for electrical socket outlets, as such, the only way to install sockets into the loft space is to extend the socket ring main from a room below and channel up one of the walls to take the ring main cables up into the loft, once the ring main supply is up there we can then add multiple socket outlets

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