Lofts & Ladders ltd
 We supply and fit backyard and garden gates £249 including vat

This is the old gate which has seen better days and is rotting and weather beaten

The customer couldn't even open it because it had swelled up over the years.

As you can see from the picture, when we forced it open, it fell to pieces.

The gate frame was just as bad so we also removed that.

Below you can see the new gate and frame fitted.

Here we have supplied and fitted
 a new timber frame along with         a new Heavy duty
 Ledged and Braced
 timber back gate

The ironwork consists of:

  • Galvinised steel T hinges
  • Galvinised steel Suffolk latch
  • Galvinised pad bolt
This complete package is supplied and fitted for
including vat

They can now open the gate and put the wheelie bin out for the bin men


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