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Power save roof lining barrier

posted 5 Jan 2011, 02:57 by glenn liverpool   [ updated 22 Jun 2016, 14:34 ]
We have just added a new product to our range, Power save roof lining barrier, It is a flexible material with a reflective surface and is designed to reflect heat back into the home.

The products main benefit is that it will dramaticly cut down on heat loss through the roof, when you take into consideration that The average semi-detached house can lose around 25% of its heating through an uninsulated roof, then any product that is going to reduce this by half or more, can only be considered an improvement, to say the least, and is, in the short to long term, going to prove to actualy be an investment, as it will eventually pay for itself in the form of energy savings.

But as well as conserving energy and reducing fuel costs, it has two other significant benefits, particularly for people who are intending to utilise their loft space for storage, as the power save roof lining acts as a dust and debris barrier, and so protects your stored items from becoming dirty or damaged, and it is also waterproof, just in case one of your tiles or slates becomes dislodged and the roof leaks, it will deflect the water downwards and away from your stored items.

The second major benefit is the fact that it has a reflective surface, this means that it dosent just reflect heat, bur light to, so with the addition of some electric lighting in the loft space, the reflective surface will make the area ultra bright.

* Heat and light reflective
* less bulky
* light in weight
* flexible material
* will reduce fuel costs
* low installation cost

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wooden loft ladder and power save roof liner fitted