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 Lofts & Ladders is based in Liverpool
, we offer  several different services in relation to the home improvement industry, for instance, electrical work, joinery and carpentry, plastering and tiling, bathroom and kitchen fitting, but we particularly like to create safe, usable and useful storage or recreational areas in peoples homes, especialy were, as in most cases, this space has always been there but just never really been used to its full potential, We are of course refering to lofts and attics.
A large proportion of us, just dont make the most of their loft space, in fact some people have never even seen the inside of their loft, but theres a lot of usable space up there for storage or recreation.
The first main problem we face when trying to get into the loft is the old rickety step ladder that needs to be balanced upon just right or disaster will strike,  we solve this problem by fitting a fixed fold away loft access safety ladder, we have many different types from which to choose
aluminium ladders
wooden/timber ladders
Concertina ladder
The next problem that arises, once you get into the loft, is that you then have to balance your way along the wooden ceiling joists like a tightrope walker, and make sure you dont loose your balance and put a foot through the ceiling below.
We solve this problem by fitting tounge and groove 18mm x 2.4m x 0.6m floor boards and create a new loft floor, the new floor allows you to freely walk around the loft area safely and securely, and is also a perfect base for storage.
The next problem that people usually face is, the lack of light in most lofts, in fact they are usually pitch darkness up there, so you either have to take a torch up with you, assuming you have one, and if you do, hopefully the batteries have power, or you take up an electrical extension lead and plug it in to an available powerpoint down below somewere, and then plug in a inspection lamp.
We solve this problem by tracing a permanent live supply on your existing lighting circuit and taking a feed from it, we then install flourescent light fittings to the loft roof, we then attach the lights to a switch that can be situated near to the loft entrance, so the next time you want to get into the loft, you can simply pull down the loft access ladder, walk up it, switch on the lights, and walk around the loft in complete safety, and with plenty of light.
Heat loss
can be another major problem for most of us, the average semi detached house in this country, loses 25% of its heat through the roof of the house.
We solve this problem
Power save roof lining barrier, It is a flexible material with a reflective surface and is designed to reflect heat back into the home.

The products main benefit is that it will dramaticly cut down on heat loss through the roof, when you take into consideration that The average semi-detached house can lose around 25% of its heating through an uninsulated roof, then any product that is going to reduce this by half or more, can only be considered an improvement, to say the least, and is, in the short to long term, going to prove to actualy be an investment, as it will eventually pay for itself in the form of energy savings.

But as well as conserving energy and reducing fuel costs, it has two other significant benefits, particularly for people who are intending to utilise their loft space for storage, as the power save roof lining acts as a dust and debris barrier, and so protects your stored items from becoming dirty or damaged, and it is also waterproof, just in case one of your tiles or slates becomes dislodged and the roof leaks, it will deflect the water downwards and away from your stored items.

The second major benefit is the fact that it has a reflective surface, this means that it dosent just reflect heat, bur light to, so with the addition of some electric lighting in the loft space, the reflective surface will make the area ultra bright.   


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